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6 Weeks of Growth and Prosperity

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There's an abundance of good in the world.

Join Katie Nall for a 6-week shift in your thinking and your level of abundance ... You will learn techniques to dissolve your WAFFLES(TM)—Worry Anxiety Fear Frustration Lethargy Exhaustion Stress—around your emotions of abundance.

Together, we will explore John Randolph Price's "The 40 Day Prosperity Plan" and become more aware of abundance in our everyday lives.

Join us as one of 15 participants who will benefit from paired accountability and live group sessions twice a week.




Benefits of Joining NOW

  • Past participants had positive results as early as Day 3
  • Gain actionable techniques to reduce stress and limit blocks
  • Select 11 AM session or 6 PM session
  • Accountability partners change weekly, great for networking
  • Daily tapping prompts
  • Daily journaling prompts
  • Group tapping sessions
  • Live group sessions twice a week via Zoom

Next Cohort March, 2021

Join Our Zoom Sessions every Tuesday and Thursday for six weeks

Choose from either 11:00 AM or 6:00 PM EST.

Twice weekly, our one hour Zoom session shares wins, challenges, and tapping in a nurturing, safe, encouraging space.

These calls will not be recorded so if you must miss one, please coordinate with your accountability partner to see what you missed.

Growth and Prosperity Mastermind Leadership

K Nall

Dr. Katie Nall

Dr. Katie Nall and friend Chrissy Das discovered John Randolph Price’s Prosperity Plan and decided to try the process for 40 days to find out what happened. 

Katie was surprised with the results! By the end of 40 days, she had received over $10,000 in direct funds and savings. And that was just the money! Her relationships deepened, her health improved, and woodland animals now clean her home (just kidding about the last one!).

Katie has led multiple Prosperity Cohorts to great success with countless prosperity experiences on different levels (health, relationship, finance, spirituality, and fun!) from a variety of participants. When you join, you can discover your unique abundance and prosperity in your life!

Dr. Nall’s degrees are in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics Education. In addition to being a TEDx Speaker, she has practiced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) since 2010 and is an Advanced Certified Practitioner, with training in trauma and quantum Tapping. Dr. Nall has clients worldwide eliminating their stress, fear, and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety inhibit clear thinking. You have to think clearly to learn, especially when it comes to abundance.

Prosperity Cohort will fill up soon!

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