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Daily ways to get and keep emotions in shape.

Join a daily emotional exercise, weekly sessions, and personal training to get and keep your emotions in tip-top shape!

Just like a gym, you can move at your own pace. Emails will be forwarded daily which you can open at your convenience. Weekly sessions will be recorded and archived for you to either join or watch (& rewatch) during your membership period.

The Emotions Gym offers daily emotional exercises, weekly group exercises, and one hour of personal training each month.
This flexibility allows you to either work individually on your emotional strength or join the group as your time permits.

Benefits of Joining NOW

  • First 50 members receive special gift package
  • Learn and practice new and known techniques to flex your emotional muscles
  • Participate individually or within the group
  • Daily emotional exercises emailed to you
  • Weekly 45 minute group sessions with new and known emotional techniques
  • Once a month private tapping sessions offered
  • Identify where emotions are blocked in your body
  • Meet other like-minded individuals
  • Discounted rate on any additional private sessions
Emotions Gym Joining Fee (1)

Starting October 1st

Register TODAY for daily reminders, weekly sessions hold Sunday nights at 7:00 p.m. EST beginning October 4. The group sessions will meet for 45 minutes to share progress, and review and practice both new and known techniques for Emotional Strength.

These calls will be recorded and archived, available to you while your membership is active. If you must miss one, just check the archives to watch later!

K Nall

Dr. Katie Nall

Dr. Katie Nall is the founder of Emotions Gym ™. Although. Nall’s degrees are in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics Education, she is always learning how to manage her emotions and sharing her knowledge with others. In addition to being a TEDx Speaker, she has practiced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) since 2010 and is an Advanced Certified Practitioner, with training in trauma and quantum Tapping. Her training also extends to include Reiki Master, Angel Messenger, and in currently training to become a Qi Gong instructor. A practitioner of yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture, drumming, essential oils, crystals, and sound therapy, Dr. Nall enjoys many different forms for emotional strength.

Her personal life is like yours with struggles she had to overcome and has used many of these techniques to build emotional muscles. She is excited to share her knowledge with you!

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