KN Awareness Mastermind

Beginning July 8, 2024

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Looking for a Mastermind that will actually make a difference?

To others, You LOOK successful in your life and yet you feel there are some unseen barriers. You’ve read all the right books, listened to the right podcasts, attended all the right networking events (both live and virtual) and yet something is missing.

  • Do you feel like financial limitations are preventing you from getting the support your mind and body needs?
  • Do you feel stuck where you are?
  • Nothing else has worked.
  • You've had enough frustration.
  • Your life feels overwhelming.
  • You're doing everything right and nothing changes.
  • You're looking for balance, direction and/or focus.

You may be ready for The Awareness Mastermind!

Think of our Mastermind like a warm cup of tea. It's meant to be savored, each sip bringing a gentle transformation to your life.

Here, you'll find a vibrant community of like-minded people, all on a journey of discovery and growth. We're guided by our inner wisdom and the universe, supporting each other through life's twists and turns. Remember, you're more than enough. Embrace your uniqueness and strength as we walk this path together.

This is your chance to receive our enlightening weekly emails, participate in monthly webinars hosted by our trio of guides, and connect with others who share your journey. Access powerhouse concepts to feel lighter, be more productive, and understand your life purpose which together will positively move you in your optimal direction.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Join us for our Awareness Mastermind where we'll explore the journey to your "happily ever after." It's a path that some may never tread, but you deserve to find yours.

If you're tired of where you are now and ready to shed your battle scars, then the Awareness Mastermind is your perfect companion. Let us guide you toward the road that leads to your own happily ever after.

Does the video below exemplify how you are feeling?

Join us for our Awareness Mastermind where we’ll explore the journey to your “happily ever after.” It’s a path that some may never tread, but you deserve to find yours.

If you’re tired of where you are now and ready to shed your battle scars, then the Awareness Mastermind is your perfect companion. Let us guide you toward the road that leads to your own happily ever after.

Your Mastermind Guides

Katie, Paula and Katharine have run/participated in dozens of Masterminds.


Katie Nall, Ph.D.

Although my Ph.D. is in Mathematics Education, I have been drawn to energy work. Initially I wanted to help college students overcome fear and anxiety of math and testing. My journey led me from learning to teaching Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) to teaching Qi Gong and facilitating Singing Bowl Mediations. Each of these energy methods have resulted in calmer, lighter, and happier clients.

Always wanting to share my expertise, I have been a host of multiple mastermind groups. In that role I understand the delicate dance of creating a valuable and safe environment for participants. It was in prior masterminds where Paula and Katharine joined that the three of us found common ground and realized others were attracted to our offerings. As valuable as 1:1 sessions are, there is a limit to our effect. To expand to help more clients, we developed the Awareness Mastermind unlike any other mastermind I have led.

The Awareness Mastermind is unique in offering holistic and evidence-based mind-body techniques. And yet our Mastermind offers the diversity of your three leaders: Katharine, Paula, and myself.

I look forward to getting to know you, your successes, and your needs as you join our Awareness

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Paula Dice

Everyone has a story to tell. My childhood was far from ideal. And some parts of the story are too heavy to even want to share… until recently.

Most of my life I knew that I knew something more than others thought I knew. I could see visions no one else saw. I could hear information no one else heard.

But my life in the Midwest and as a busy mother of four and a moral supporter for a successful husband, I didn’t have time to devote to my questions about my intuitive journey.

Then in 2019 my two daughters and Katie talked me into attending a weekend course in Reiki and Angel Messenger. Truly I didn’t believe I belonged there either. That is until we left.

Our Uber driver asked the four of us where we had been. I was sitting in the front seat with him and happily began describing what I normally wouldn’t share with a stranger. Then a message arrived.

From his young daughter. I started to cry.

The driver confirmed his daughter died Christmas day when their tree caught afire. A stranger allowed me to begin my Intuitive Journey when I shared the message from his daughter.

Although more comfortable with my gifts, I am still learning. With Katharine and Katie by my side, my journey has been rewarding, fun, and full of growth.

I welcome you to our mastermind to find out more about your journey!

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Katharine Giovanni

First things first, we're all intuitive beings—some of us just happen to have the volume cranked up to 11 on the intuition scale. I stumbled upon my intuitive gifts at a tender age, but I kept them under wraps for ages. Why? Mostly because society had this peculiar tendency to slap the "off their rocker" label on anyone showing a smidge of intuition. Cue the eye rolls and accusations of me dabbling in hoo-doo-voo-doo.

In 1998, I launched a concierge consulting company, armed with nothing but a laptop, a dream, and a secret—my Inner Voice. Before I knew it, I had mastered the art of tapping into my intuitive abilities for consulting and speaking engagements worldwide. Ahead of each session, I'd tune in to the whispers of my Inner Voice, allowing its guidance to shape my approach and advice for clients. Although I used my intuition daily, I still didn't tell anyone about it.  I became an expert at quickly translating the guidance I received into everyday language for my client. When they inevitably raised their eyebrows at my seemingly clairvoyant insights, I had my cover story ready. "Oh, just a hunch," or I'd say, or "years of experience."  I never let on that my Inner Voice was the real mastermind behind the scenes.

In 2020, I'm chatting with my good friend Katie, when my intuition kicks in. Like a light switch turning on, I offer her guidance without even thinking twice. Katie, being a seasoned intuitive herself, sees right through it. With a knowing smile, she gently nudges me, suggesting that it's high time I stop treating my gift like a secret and start embracing it as a professional calling. And just like that, in the midst of our casual conversation, my life pivoted. Soon after I retired from the concierge industry to focus on my new path.

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Together the three of us have already helped dozens of people get back on their path. We’re now ready to assist you!

Are you ready for this transformation in your life?

Experience a transformation beyond the ordinary Mastermind.

Ready to transform your life from the inside out? Join our Mastermind Program and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Step into our program as one person, but emerge as a renewed version of yourself, equipped with a profound understanding of your inner workings.

In our Mastermind Program, you'll gain access to invaluable self-administered tools that empower you to shape your future with purpose and control. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are committed to growth and support.

Don't just dream about the life you want—make it a reality with our Mastermind Program. Take the first step towards your transformation today!

What sets up apart?

  • No tedious workshops
  • No endless lectures
  • No homework or workbooks to complete
  • No boxes to check off

Instead, find a harmonious blend of body, mind, and soul-focused information and activities meticulously designed for your growth. We understand that you may be in pain, seeking answers. Rest assured, we have the solutions you're searching for.

About Dr. Katie Nall: “Has anyone ever changed your life so dramatically and so quickly that you couldn’t believe it? It happened to me when I worked with Dr. Nall. She used EFT to completely eradicate the destructive feelings I was having at the time, and weeks later, when I think about them, I laugh. I can’t even believe I had them in the first place. They all seem so silly now. If you have a phobia, allergy, anxiety or any unwanted emotions, you owe it to yourself to reach out to Dr. Nall. You won’t regret your decision.” Abby Kohut, Award-Winning Speaker

About Paula Dice: I would highly recommend Paula Dice to anyone who needs messages from the other side. I was skeptical about the process at first, but Paula’s calm demeanor and loving attitude really eased my mind. Her messages were spot on and I felt such a relief after our session. Rebecca

About Katharine Giovanni: “To be honest, there’s no going back after meeting with Katharine Giovanni. And it’s all for the better. As an empath there are a number of things I have keyed in on over the years, but with her guidance not only have I learned more about myself and undiscovered past lives, but also the tools that were absolutely crucial in order to protect myself in my path going forward. Katharine is truly gifted, and I cannot recommend her any more highly. If you’ve found this site, it’s for a reason. You owe it to yourself, your whole self, to speak with her.” Kelly, Maryland


What is the Awareness Mastermind all about?

The Awareness Mastermind (AM) is a group of like-minded individuals who share experiences, advice, and support.

Imagine this: Instead of pondering where you'll be in five years, picture yourself asking, "Who do I want to become in five years?" Our Mastermind doesn't just aim for success; it ignites your inner fire, driving you to envision the vibrant, empowered version of yourself that you're destined to become.

Each month you will receive:

  • Unlock your mind with our weekly transformative email, featuring seven days of thought-provoking journal prompts designed to spark your creativity and inspire meaningful reflection.
  • Experience unparalleled empowerment with Katie, Paula, and Katharine as they lead you on a journey of profound inspiration through their monthly uplifting Sunday afternoon webinars.
  • Community support and accountability.
  • Evidence-based practices for the mind and body.
  • Three facilitators from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of modalities.
  • Participants can email questions for the webinars to [email protected].

When is it and how much does it cost?

  • The Awareness Mastermind is a monthly program that begins July 8, 2024.
  • The first group Sunday webinar will be held July 28th at 4:00 pm eastern. Zoom link will be sent out a few days prior.
  • Investment: $19.95/month

If you would like the convenience of monthly automatic billing, please click here:

Otherwise, please use one of the methods below to pay for one month.

  • Zelle: [email protected]
  • Venmo: @Katie-NallPhD / [email protected]
  • PayPal: PayPal.Me/DrNall
  • CashApp: $KtNall
  • Check made out to NallEdge Company and mailed to P.O. Box 5325, Vero Beach, FL 32961-5325