The Ultimate Mastermind

If the 44 Day Mastermind wasn't enough, buckle up for the Ultimate MasterMind with Katie Nall and her co-presenter Katharine Giovanni!

88 jam packed days of...

  • Journal prompts
  • Videos
  • Group sessions
  • Books! Each month we'll send a few books to your home that Katie and Katharine simply love. This includes both Katie's popular Shower Blessings and Katharine's latest book The Little Bird on your shoulder."

Plus you also receive...

  • 3 private sessions with Katie (1 per month). Katie will lead you through a tapping session - a somatic (physical) technique which removes mental blockages. Her sessions will help you overcome stress and anxiety about work, relationships, self-esteem, and life changes. She has helped people from all walks of life including an FBI agent!
  • 3 private sessions with Katharine (1 per month). These empowering sessions will provide guidance and messages from that little bird on your shoulder. Katharine is an intuitive who listens to your higher self to get guidance for you. Angels, spirit guides, loved ones, and even information about your past lives often come though. Especially if that particular life is affecting you today. During the Mastermind, she will also be teaching everyone how to listen to their own little bird to get answers.

And so much more!

Are you a new participant? Fantastic! Before you hit that pay button, we would like you to complete an entry questionnaire as well as meet privately with Katie and Katharine via Zoo to ensure this Mastermind is the ideal fit for you.

Exactly who ARE Katie Nall and Katharine Giovanni?

Dr. Katie Nall

Katie Nall, Ph.D. has successfully led multiple Masterminds over the past year. As an Advanced Master Trainer and Certified Practitioner in Tapping**, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, Dr. Nall leads the zoom and tapping** sessions.

Although her Ph.D. is in Mathematics Education, she is a skilled and knowledgeable Tapping** practitioner – her skill can be seen in her TEDx talk where she demonstrates using Tapping** for students with math anxiety ( She looks forward to getting to know you better and watch as you Grow & Prosper within the Mastermind!





Katharine Giovanni

Katharine is a speaker, trainer, advisor, intuitive, and three-time award-winning best-selling author of eleven books including her popular book "The Little Bird on your Shoulder," her award-winning inspirational book “Rainbows and Banana Peels” and her business book “The Concierge Manual.”

Katharine and her husband have been running a successful concierge consulting business for over 20 years. She is considered to be one of the founders of the independent Concierge Industry. She is also an internationally renowned work-from-home guru. A proud breast cancer survivor, Katharine was raised in New York City, earned a B.A. from Lake Forest College, and currently lives in North Carolina.  

How did she do all of this? She is crazy intuitive and listened to the little bird on her shoulder. Now she is teaching others how to tap into their little bird.

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So are we!

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