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Keynote Speaker – Whether it is content or inspiration, Dr. Nall provides memorable experience for the audience. The purpose of the keynote is to move the audience in a direction and Dr. Nall prompts and reinforces sustainable movement. Contact her for details on availability and custom approaches to your needs.

Trainer – Within organizations, Dr. Nall is effective in moving individuals toward change. Understanding different approaches to change and assisting others to embrace benefits are one of her specialties. When your group is looking for an energetic, intelligent, effective trainer, contact Dr. Nall to discuss details.

Coach – Many challenges are best served individually. Whether a client can benefit from increased communication skills with DISC Personality training or barrier reduction through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Dr. Nall works one-on-one to assist others in moving to the next goal. Working with Dr. Nall can be life-changing. Call her for details.

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