“Dr. Nall, was very motivational and inspirational to the student's, mentor's, donors, families, and community members during our 2018 Take Stock in Children Award Ceremony. Dr. Nall is a great mentor to the students in Indian River County so, we asked her to be our mentor speaker for the event. During her speech, she highlighted the impact everyone can be as a mentor or supporter to our students which creates a "Butterfly Effect" and the future for all will be enhanced. Thank you Dr. Nall for your continued support and motivation you provide to our program, students, and to everyone you meet!”


Betty Saffioti, Program Coordinator Take Stock in Children at Indian River State College.

“Has anyone ever changed your life so dramatically and so quickly that you couldn't believe it? It happened to me when I worked with Dr. Nall. She used EFT to completely eradicate the destructive feelings I was having at the time, and weeks later, when I think about them, I laugh. I can't even believe I had them in the first place. They all seem so silly now. If you have a phobia, allergy, anxiety or any unwanted emotions, you owe it to yourself to reach out to Dr. Nall. You won't regret your decision."


Abby Kohut, Contract Recruiter at CBS

“I just worked with Katie on a problem I'd been having with making the dreaded "cold calls". I have to be honest and say that I wasn't fully buying the process, but it did work! I'd had a fear and phobia of picking up the phone and "selling" someone, but now there's no hesitation, to sweaty palms and no more fear! You will not be sorry when you work with Katie.”


Fred Moore, Motivational Speaker