Dissolving WAFFLES: Worries, Anxieties, Fears, Frustrations, Lethargy, and STRESS

Experience the lightness and relief from a scientifically proven technique to not reduce, but rather eliminate, stress, fear, and anxiety. The process is easily learned and can be administered individually. In-depth work is accomplished with a Certified Practitioner.

CR8 UR F8 (Create Your Fate): Surviving the Circus

We each live in our own circus with multiple rings of activity demanding our attention. Somedays we feel like the clown-filled car, elephants, and lions are trampling over us! Discover methods to stay focused while enjoying the circus! A fun-filled, bright, interactive experience to practice survival skills.


Listening is a lost art. Since the advent of radio, we no longer can tolerate silence, so we talk and no one listens. Without having to scream or jump up and down to get the attention of others, we demonstrate ways to teach others to listen to us and learn to listen better.