Coaching Sessions


Looking to dissolve your specific WAFFLES? 

Your Worries, Anxiety, Fear, Frustration, Lethargy, Exhaustion, and Stress®?

Dr. Nall can help!


Schedule your private one-on-one sessions, either Zoom or face-face, with Dr. Nall to identify your goals, remove blockages, with a purpose to for you to live vibrantly, and sleep at night.

As a Master Trainer and Advanced Certified Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique, Dr. Nall will listen to your current situation, help you define your goals,
and work with you to identify and remove emotional blockages.

As an added bonus, you will learn how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) on yourself for future use!

There are three sessions, one hour in duration, spaced at least 24 hours apart. By the end of each session, you may feel an energy shift. The majority of Dr. Nall’s clients leave the sessions feeling lighter, calmer, and more at peace.

Sessions are scheduled at mutually convenient times.

Investment for your emotional health is 500 USD for the three sessions.

Coaching Sessions $500