Unlocking Intuition in the Workplace

(Delivered as a two-day session)

The Team

The depth of intuition present within the workplace remains largely unrecognized and untapped. By teaching your staff how to open their intuition, we can unlock this hidden potential, fostering a more insightful and innovative work environment.

As an intuitive leader, you understand the critical importance of harnessing the full potential of your workforce. Our program aligns perfectly with your vision: enhanced problem-solving, better communication and collaboration, and faster adaptation to change.

Your team members can benefit from this workshop with:


Enhanced Problem-Solving: Intuitive individuals often have a knack for quickly identifying patterns, connections, and solutions that may not be immediately apparent. Trusting this ability leads to more effective problem-solving and decision-making processes within the organization.

Better Communication and Collaboration: You will see increased productivity as employees embrace their empathetic side. This acknowledgement of intuition leads to stronger relationships, clearer communications which result in increased productivity.

Faster Adaptation to Change: A staff with developed intuition is better equipped to navigate complex and ambiguous situations, ensuring the organization remains agile and responsive in a dynamic business environment.

Overall, employees who trust their instincts contribute to a competitive advantage for the organization by driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and promoting adaptability in an ever-changing business landscape.

What does the program include?

Intuition is the untapped power of organizations. Leaders recognize they ‘trust their gut’ and are unsure how to encourage their staff’s intuition.  Staff instincts can be identified, trusted, and utilized thereby increasing creativity and problem-solving which in turn increases productivity.

By integrating Katharine Giovanni’s concierge expertise, with DISC insights and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) led by Katie Nall, Ph.D., intuitive development with Paula Dice, our holistic approach empowers team members to identify, trust, and use their personal intuitive gifts. This program opens the door to allow others to acknowledge their personal and distinct instincts.

Mastering the Concierge Advantage: The Art of Exceptional Service: Katharine’s unique approach shows you how to provide over-the-top customer service that goes above and beyond your competition. Your front-line staff will adeptly think, act, and respond like five-star concierges, delivering seamless, memorable, and joyful white glove service to your customers.

DISC Insights: Daily we each interact with multiple personalities. Understanding the ideal way to communicate with each personality can save a high percentage of errors within an organization. Increasing communication skills helps to increase productivity, employee engagement, retention, and trust. Dr. Nall shares this quick and easy tool to better understand one another.

EFT: WAFFLES (Worries, Anxiety, Fear, Frustration, Lethargy, Exhaustion, and Stress®). Emotional Freedom Techniques, or tapping, is a brain based somatic method. Dr. Nall will reveal techniques to increase productivity, engagement, retention, and trust.

Tap Into Your Intuition: Learn how to access, listen, and trust your intuition. Paula demonstrates how to utilize your hidden gifts.

This program presents scientifically proven results and is designed to work with professionals who embrace the seemingly unattainable without feeling mystical.