You may have heard the phrase, “Where do you want to be in 5 years?” Dr. Nall’s masterminds ask a slightly different and possibly more important question of “Who do you want to be in five years?”

Before you can identify who you want to be in five years, we ask you to take a step back – who were you five years ago? Where were you and who you were then? Congratulations! Today you are a different person, one who is constantly moving forward.

After our backwards glances, an identification of where we are now, and we then move to who do we want to be in five years.

Dr. Nall’s masterminds changed the lives of each fully participating member – with many returning to dig deeper. Each member exposed a more calm, more focused, more productive person than when they started.

Masterminds are available either online individually, within a cohort every six to eight weeks, or within a master group every 88 days. They consist of daily journal prompts and tapping scripts emails early in the morning. The live masterminds include weekly zoom sessions with interactive exercises and team building for facilitating lasting friendships.

Except for the individual online option, the masterminds are led by Doctor Nall who has successfully led years of masterminds. She invites you to celebrate where you started, identify who you are today, and to dig a little deeper to expose who you want to be.