Math Anxiety Test Help (MATH)

Middle School Edition

Does your middle school child have test anxiety? Do you dread helping your child with their middle
school math? Does your middle school child study, do well on homework and quizzes and freeze
during testing? If so, MATH – Middle School Edition may be right for you!

As a middle school parent, you look for the best for your child. And your child wants to perform at
their highest level. Sometimes, WAFFLES get in the way – for both the parent and the student.
WAFFLES are worries, anxiety, fear, frustration, lethargy, exhaustion, and STRESS!

This course addresses both parent and student WAFFLES with information and support.

In this course, you and your child will gain tools to dissolve those WAFFLES. Specifically, you and
your child will be able to:

  • Identify negative emotions about Math and Tests
  • Identify where the emotions are in your body
  • Learn techniques on how to take paper test quickly, efficiently, scoring more points
  • Learn three different coping techniques
  • BONUS of extra coping technique!

Once you read and complete each section, the next section will be emailed to you. Sections include
video and handouts for reference.

We understand life gets in the way of best laid plans. If you don’t open your email after a few days,
we will resend the email to get your attention! Our goal is for you and your student to complete the
course for everyone’s benefit.

To rate how much test anxiety you or your child has, complete the two PDF questionnaires below.

To start your Math Anxiety Test Help (MATH) Middle School edition, purchase the online self-
paced package by clicking the link below or pay the one-time $ 97 fee directly to Dr. Katie Nall
using any of the methods below.