Perpetual motion

You know you are ready for a change in your life. You are through with your excuses, done with listening to others, and now today is the day everything will change.

Except nothing changes.

Wait! What is (not) happening here? Today you remember to “Control the Movement Not the Momentum.”

Every weekday morning I wake at 5:00 a.m. to either stretch or do cardio for 45 minutes. One of my video instructors is Michelle Austin who puts me through grueling stretching using a type of torture exercise on something called a ‘Fluidity Bar’ – kind of like a ballet bar in your bedroom.

During one of our exercises, Michelle used the phrase ‘Control the Movement Not the Momentum.’ The phrase stuck in my head. When we work to make a change, we first have to recognize we are creatures of habit. Our subconscious actions control 90% of our lives, if not more. Our conscious mind creates ideas, plans, wishes, dreams, and then requests our subconscious minds to Make It Happen!

But nothing happens. Why not?

Nothing happens because our subconscious minds (90% of more of our actions) work hard to maintain habits we have developed over time to ‘protect’ us and keep us safe. Until we open the communication between the well-meaning conscious mind (control the movement!) and the habit-formed subconscious (maintain momentum) nothing will change.

The question is, how do we open the communication between the conscious and subconscious?

The bridge between the conscious and the subconscious is our emotions. Consider the word ‘home’ – think of the emotion you have about that word. Now add the word ‘work’ to ‘home’ to get ‘homework’ and what emotion do you now have? Both home and homework are just words. Our emotions to each word give them meaning and power.

In future blogs, we can review how emotions drive the momentum and acknowledging and shifting the emotions can control the moment.

Simple solution for a possible difficult problem. This problem solving approach has made my life easier for years. I am excited to share any and all NallEdge Nuggets to make your life easier. What difficult challenges are you encountering today? How can I help you today?



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