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Studies done by Florida State University Dr. Roy Baumeister found decisions utilize a type of energy source that wains throughout the day. Subsequent studies by Dr. Kathleen Vohs of University of Minnesota found decisions, regardless of importance, wear away the decision energy source.

To ensure you have sufficient decision energy source, reduce the number of small mundane decisions to be made during the day.

Decide to exercise for one hour a day – don’t waste time deciding. Find a system (exercise) you enjoy and carve 60 minutes out of your day so you can live longer.

Decide on one breakfast meal each day. Make it healthy. I am blessed with a caring husband who generously wakes with me and makes an amazing smoothie. Every day. I don’t have to decide or think about it.

Decide on your meals. Some people have certain days for certain meals. Some create menus on the weekend and make the meals ahead of time for the busy week. Some decide to meet key people on certain days. Make those decisions ahead of time. Each Thursday my husband and I save time for one another to meet at our favorite restaurant for lunch. Over the weekend, I prepare dinner meals we can eat throughout the week.

Decide on a work uniform. Steve Jobs’ work attire was very predictable. He did not have to worry about what to pull out of the closet or drawer every morning. Besides reducing your number of decisions, a work uniform will reduce your closet creating an organized space in your home. Although I am still working on my preferred work uniform, the concept of the work uniform has made me limit my clothing purchase as I work to determine the ideal uniform for me.

Decide to connect with people who are important in your life. Certain times of the week are dedicated to telephone calls and FaceTime with family members. Phone calls and postcards to extended family are made on a regular basis. Scheduling time with important relationships ensures I am not overlooking people.

With these small steps already decided, you will be prepared for your riskier decisions as they arrive, sometimes without notice.

Simple solution for a possible difficult problem. This problem solving approach has made my life easier for years. I am excited to share any and all NallEdge Nuggets to make your life easier. What difficult challenges are you encountering today? How can I help you?

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