July is the montDollarphotoclub_8927422 Two Women Drinking Coffeeh we celebrate America’s Independence with our individual reunions – both family and friends. In a way, we celebrate our Dependence upon one another.

This month we had a family reunion. We were blessed to share time with all our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren. We had a chance to share warm memories, catch up with one another on a deeper level than social media, and share love with one another: the opportunity to ‘be’ with one another.

After our family reunion, I traveled to Nebraska to celebrate a high school reunion. I felt overwhelmed with emotion –  a sense of belonging to something bigger than myself. The sensation of swimming in the warmth of good memories felt refreshing. The passage of time provided me to forgive past transgressions – whatever they may have been.

Returning home, I realized these celebrations of Independence and Dependence allowed me to find common ground among family and friends. The time spent together gave me better understanding and appreciation of differences between and among one another.

Family. Friends. Fun. When you gather with your Family, Friends, to enjoy one another and have Fun, are you able to ‘be’ there? Are you able to release those past misunderstandings? Or are you weighted down with hurt and disappointment? If Family and Friends create anxiety and pain which prevent you from enjoying the Fun, consider reaching out for assistance through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Contact me (DrNallSpeaks at gmail) for more information on how we can work together so you can enjoy the time together with Family and Friends to have Fun!

CR8 UR F8 (create your fate): The eight facets of life to observe and determine preferred outcomes which include: F1: Function – how we spend our days; F2: Foundation – our education & experience to prepare us for our Function; F3: Family – individuals who helped shape us as we grow; F4: Friends – people we select to be around outside of our Family; F5: Finances – the money we earn, spend, and save; F6: Fitness – the air we breathe the food we eat, what we drink, the way we rest, the way we move, the thought we think; F7: Faith – our belief in Something beyond ourselves; and F8: Fun! – how we enjoy life!

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