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Wherever you are in America, September is bound to be a bit cooler. Fall is approaching heralding the beginning of another school year.

Although our three children are finished with school (thank you!), one of our precious granddaughters is beginning school. And of course, there is always another course I MUST take– my poor husband is married to a perpetual student! Even Michelangelo said, “I am still learning” while he was in his later years. I am in good company!

Throughout the years, I have stumbled in my education – trying to building my educational Foundation for my career Function. There always seemed to be so many interests and responsibilities taking my time away. However, persistence, patience, and support of loved ones (as well as a few student loans!) allowed me to continue my education process to my life-long goal of earning my Ph.D. at age 58!

Now I pursue independent study. Currently I am working to complete Level 3 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) Certification. Also reading health information to increase my Fitness (have you ever read work by either the Medical Medium, Anthony William or Dr. Peter Glidden?); or working on Family relationships attending Rick Brown seminars.   Many Financial gurus line my bookshelf: Suze Orman to name one of my favorites! And my Faith journey has a long list of preferred authors!

How do you expand your educational Foundation? Are you learning to begin your career Function? Are you studying to maintain your current position and Function? Let me know where you are in your Foundation building!

Foundation! For your Function! Whether you are building your foundation for your ideal life function or if you are still learning and growing your foundation to maintain your function, you can still gather with your Family and Friends to enjoy one another and have Fun! If you are unsure where to start in building your Foundation, consider reaching out to me for assistance through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Contact me (DrNallSpeaks at gmail) for more information on how we can work together for you to find the RIGHT Foundation for where you are in life!

CR8 UR F8 (create your fate): The eight facets of life to observe and determine preferred outcomes which include: F1: Function – how we spend our days; F2: Foundation – our education & experience to prepare us for our Function; F3: Family – individuals who helped shape us as we grow; F4: Friends – people we select to be around outside of our Family; F5: Finances – the money we earn, spend, and save; F6: Fitness – the air we breathe the food we eat, what we drink, the way we rest, the way we move, the thought we think; F7: Faith – our belief in Something beyond ourselves; and F8: Fun! – how we enjoy life!

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