Despite my husband’s strenuous objections and advice to tell you otherwise, here goes: I am inherently lazy. Always have been and always will be.

Not to say I do not get anything done – I accomplish quite a bit. However, before I recreate the wheel I spend a good amount of time looking for a similar wheel. Let me give you an example.

Attending college was a blast for me – I was a non-traditional student living off campus. I loved attending class – any class. We lived in San Francisco and my lifestyle was casual. My general attire was bell-bottom blue-jeans (o yes, it was a few years ago!), any available t-shirt, and my one and only belt. Top the outfit with a pair of Birkenstocks and voila – a fashion statement! You can only guess what people thought as I rode my bicycle back and forth to school in my stunning outfit.

Then, I got the letter: I graduated and had to leave school and enter the workforce. Argh! There were no job opportunities requiring aged jeans and Birkenstock sandals at that time.

What is a girl with no income, lots of college loans, and a huge need for clothes to interview? I didn’t even know what clothes to purchase and I had NO room for error.

Simple solution: Find what other successful people are doing and copy it!

Not much research located John T. Molloy’s book entitled Dress for Success.

After reading Molloy’s book, I knew exactly what my limited budget could find, walked to the nearest thrift shop, and began my search for a professional attire.

Simple solution for a possible difficult problem. With the help of John Molloy, I made smart, inexpensive, and impressive purchases with small investment of time. This problem solving approach has made my life easier for years. I am excited to share any and all NallEdge Nuggets to make your life easier. What difficult challenges are you encountering today? How can I help you?


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