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Some days it feels as if it just is not worth getting out of bed.

Ever have one of those days where any project, including brushing your teeth, seems overwhelming? These past two weekends, my days were spent sitting and staring out the window. Very uncomfortable for me. My pace is to create my ‘to-do’ list and storm through the items until everything is complete. And my lengthy and urgent lists beckoned me.

Feeling alone and turning to others for advice, my o-so-wise sister and many of my friends encouraged me to embrace my sadness, to allow myself some down time. There words of acceptance did not ease my pain.

What pain? That question was my puzzlement.

My life overflows with happiness, joy, and abundance: a mate who loves me and whom I love; a family I am crazy about; a successful business; great health; more than sufficient finances; peaceful spiritual life; and lots of fun activities.

Why the sadness?

Then I recalled a quote someone told me was from Shakespeare, “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” Surely the wise Bard-on-Avon was shedding light on my discomfort.

Further research found Shakespeare never penned that line, nor many others (http://www.scribd.com/doc/32744381/Not-by-Shakespeare-Correctly-Attributing-The-Most-Popular-Things-That-Shakespeare-Didn-t-Say). And the quote appears to have no one to attribute. What should I have expected? Ha!

Regardless of the author, the quote did bring me peace. Yes, I have high expectations – not only of myself, but also of those who are important to me. And it does appear my expectations are not aligned with the expectations, abilities, or interests of others. Could that disconnect be the root of my heartache? Somehow shifting my perspective to reviewing my expectations began to lift my emotional fog – began to shed light on my darkness.

And now I’m back. Stronger. More determined. More focused.

Simple solution for a possible difficult problem. Reviewing my level of expectation of others and myself makes my life easier. I am excited to share any and all NallEdge Nuggets to make your life easier. What expectations are you holding today? How can I help you?

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